Black Hat SEO Forum That Will Get Your Sites Ranked – Here’s Why!

Black Hat SEO Forum

Run a website? Need more traffic? Want to make money online? TODAY you have an opportunity to join the best black hat seo forum on the internet and connect with the best minds in this industry. Join IMSoldiers and change your internet marketing life forever!


Who Are IMSoldiers?

IMSoldiers is a PRIVATE Black Hat SEO Forum dedicated to one thing….creating a platform for members to share, network and access content to make money. When we say PRIVATE we mean PRIVATE. Our black hat community is closed to the outside world and only accessed by VIP members who see the value in being part of a private group of marketers who share their knowledge and expertise with each other.

We could easily unlock IMSoldiers to the global marketing community but this opens us up to what we call lazy ass marketers. You know the ones, You meet them every day on other forums. They are the people who troll the forums with their hands out begging for something while giving nothing back in return. If your one of these people i suggest you click the back button, This forum is not for YOU!

This is why IMSoldiers is private. The people who log on day in and day out understand the value of what a private forum brings, creating an atmosphere that makes people feel comfortable sharing black hat ideas and methods knowing the rest of the world wont get a look in.

If you meet the following criteria you will fit right in with us :

  • Ability and willingness to help others
  • Knowledgeable and experienced
  • Positive attitude
  • Focused and driven to succeed
  • Creative, out of the box thinking
  • Willing to share your opinion

These are the type of members we want to join IMSoldiers as they bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and a can do attitude to the forum that helps everyone, if your reading this thinking thats not me then again click the back button, IMSoldiers is not for you. If you plan to join IMSoldiers and never post or interact with other members then again this forum is not for you!.

IMSoldiers was created by people doing SEO and black hat marketing right now! doing the same things YOU are! Making money online just like YOU!

The IMSoldiers team are active marketers, we dont sit behind the scenes. We fight the fight just like you and we are damn passionate about it. In our opinion there is nothing worse than a forum where the staff have no experience or don’t have an active interest in SEO or marketing. How can they offer the best possible advice, service and experiences if they are not active?

We feel this is one of the reasons why IMSoldiers is leaps ahead of other forums you may know of. We actively post, share, ask questions and offer advice on a daily basis, and our members do the same.

What IMSoldiers Offer?

Think you got what it takes to be member of IMSoldiers black hat seo forum? Then this is a brief description of what we have in store for you…

  • List of 149 and growing Black Hat SEO and Marketing tools, provided in house by the IMSoldiers team.
  • Custom Coded In house SEO software integrated into our forum.
  • Access hundreds of link lists packets.
  • Over 1000 downloads, ebooks and plugins.
  • Dedicated GSA Search Engine Ranker forum with over 250 tutorials, Tip and methods.
  • Dedicated SEO section with over 2000 questions, tutorials, guides and information.
  • Member follow along campaigns. Watch and replicate the success of other members.
  • Online marketing sections with questions, methods, tips and guides.
  • Dedicated group buy section allowing you to cut the cost of products, courses and training material you want.
  • Access a variety of 3rd part services – Ahrefs, Moz, Instantindexer, Isonpage, Spyfu and more. *minimum post count needed


Why IMSoldiers?

IMSoldiers is a Black Hat SEO Forum as black hat seo is what we and the members do here. We automate tasks that regular SEO’s and marketers do. Black Hat SEO is about thinking out side of the box, being able to create methods that others are just not doing. This lays the foundation for success. IMSoldiers bring all kinds of Black Hat Marketers together to share their experiences, methods and good old fashion know how to help the community.

When we say black hat seo we dont mean keyword stuffing, Hidden text and the basic stuff regular white hat SEO’s think we do. We mean getting sites ranked quick, getting traffic quick and being able to monetize that traffic in the most effective and profitable way. Black hat seo is a fundamental part of SEO as a whole and is how white hat SEO’s get their methods and tweak them for a more corporate approach. The reason IMSoldiers rocks is as a community we discuss various methods, tips, questions and information. We believe in the power of conversation and connecting great marketers with each other. The time is now to join IMSoldiers and be at the forefront of black hat SEO.

Why Join IMSoldiers Black Hat SEO Forum?

IMSoldiers is unlike any other black hat seo forums and the reasons are very simple.

  • No ego’s – We treat everyone the same, were are not in the habit of looking down on people or out casting members if they lack information. Everyone is here to learn. We all started somewhere right?
  • Help – We offer what’s needed the most, which is help. We have a member of our team on the forum 24/7 who will be able to help in all situations, Lets not forgot our member base who are there offer advice and guideline as well.
  • Feel good factor – Wouldn’t it be great to be able to to visit a place that made you feel at home, knowing you are part of an online family who are all in it together and to not be judged. IMSoldiers offer such a place and we always welcome new members into our family.
  • Investment in your needs – We plan and develop game changing in house tools to help in your money making activities.
  • We are a true forum – No doubt you have been on other black hat forums which are basically just file sharing sites, Do you actually learn anything that you can put to action?. At IMSoldiers you WILL learn and learn….and learn some more. This is how IMSoldiers has been since its birth, attracting the more outspoken and active member base rather than the lurker, hidden type you are probably use to.

We would never expect you to join our black hat forum and be left in the lurch. Staff and the other members are here to help you with any questions or support you may have. Once you join IMSoldiers black hat seo forum you become part of our family of marketers. Should you need any help you only need ask for it and we will be there.

How long are you going to continue wasting your time hunting for information, buying crappy WSO’s and looking for software across a number of sites before you realize you can get everything you need to start ranking your sites and making money online TODAY all in one place!

How Much is Access?

Access IMSoldiers Black Hat SEO Forum for a yearly payment of

ONLY $99

Which is the equivalent of $0.27 per day

Very soon the price will increase to $50 Per month.

Join now to ensure you only pay $99 per year even when we raise the price.


“With the best SEO tools on the Internet, members who share experience, data lists and unlimited help from top SEO professionals there is no better site on the Internet! The best investment you can make in your own development !!”

“The tools here work pretty well for me.
Another thing that a lot of people overlook when joining private forums is the GROUP BUYS! Getting new scrapebox lists etc at 1/10 of a list is definitely worth every single penny no matter how you look at it !”

“The group of people on this forum, help to other with a technical level that is very difficult to find, with technical advice that always help”

“I found this black hat seo forum to be a treasure chest, full of knowledge that you won’t find in any other forum/website.

In this place I found vital information on SEO issues I stumbled upon many times before and no one would share the right knowledge. The TUTORIALS section is amazing, packed with lots of USEFUL, never-seen before articles and guides. And memebers are always keen on helping.

Thanks a lot IMSOLDIERS!”


“I can’t find any logical reason not to join IMSoldiers.”

“Here there are people who like to help others, I’ve been in other Black Hat SEO Forums though IMSoldiers is by far the best one.”

“we have nice people here who help each other and share their knowledge.

Christmas comes many times a year here at IMSoldiers!”


“The membership I bought over 4 months ago has certainly paid for itself many times over at this point. My best purchase in IM by far. Hope to see some new faces here! Cheers!”

“By far the most awesome no bs up and coming black hat seo community out there”

“i love being a member here
totally worth the money
good guy as admin.
i appreciate everything”

“I joined IMSoldiers because I was looking for a place where I could find like-minded individuals who share my passion for IM. There are members here who can easily be called “pros” and while I don’t consider myself new to IM, I am looking to learn from those more advanced than me and to offer advice to those less advanced.

Great people, great information, and awesome tools. I can’t endorse IMSoldiers enough.”


“Support is top notch. Never compare this with any other black hat forum where admin/moderator is so rude, here we get a guy who is ready to help always.

Most importantly we have a group of like minded people where we share many tactics and ideas. Its super cool and worth every penny.”


“It’s my first stop in the morning and last stop at night. Need I say more?”

“Helpful people, amazing Admin, sexy applications… TOTALLY worth it!”





“This is the greatest forum. It’s super fast and keep on surprise us. The best forum i ever joined”

“IMSoldiers is an actual community that people help each other in.

I dont think i need any more reasons…”


“once I signed up to IMSoldeirs forum I was blown away by not only by the amount of content that is available, but the quality and speed at which new software comes out

This is also the best community I have ever come across. People are always willing to help and teach others. I can happily say that I have found my homebase to run my seo career.”


“If I could start over again I wouldn’t have waste so much money at the beginning of my IM career and would have just joined this forum instead. This site has it all. It has the community and the tools to really push your IM career to the top!”

“I thought I have posted testimonials about IMS, but I will be happily writing one again! Because IMS is the best place you can be on the net!

Admin is the man here, and he really takes care the forum. He won’t run away with you money, instead we’re working together here!

The community is also very helpful, friendly, and warm. I’d love to spend hours in this forum (better not, we’ll need to spend more time making money).

All in all, it’s the bet $99 I’ve ever spent!”


“This is the Site Beside G mail that Open in my System First thing in the Morning and Last thing that Closed in Evening”

“That`s the best SEO/IM/Black Hat Seo Forum I have ever been in. I found here a friendly community with honest help. A lot of experienced members post their techniques, how to do SEO in the way, which helped them to success”

“get an entrepreneur attitude and join IMS”

“Members are a real family with a perfect communication, which I have not found elsewhere. Software are of the highest quality, and have a very good technical support. You also have some part of the many benefits that you just discover behind the scenes”

“I joined as an ordinary member after having the site recommended by a friend.

Now im known for being one of the top GSA SER users and constantly share my own tips and in depth knowledge with the members here in an exclusive member area.

At the same time, I am constantly learning new tricks from the other members who share and hold a mass of internet marketing experience”


“thank GOD I joined this place cos I’ve already recoup my subscription fee many times over”

“The admin here is a great guy and the forum is friendly without egos (but there are some real characters)  and you get great informative information from members who have tested out what they say works. I highly recommend IMSoldiers.”

“This forum is probably the best investment you would ever need to make”

“I have to admit when I first joined IMSoldiers forum it was because of the software, however it didn’t take long to realise that this is just an awesome add on. The real beauty with this forum is the community. The admin staff are some of the most open and willing to help that I’ve come across on any IM forum, and on top of that because it’s small community made up of people willing to pay to learn and develop their skills, you’ll find there’s a huge wealth of knowledge and that people will help wherever they can…. and that can mean telling you you’re being completely daft and going down completely the wrong alley.

The truth is the only bad thing I can find about the IMSoldiers community is that they don’t do all my work for me… come on guys get on it!!”


“Just renewed for second year and all i have to say what imgal has said i can just add that from beginning of of this year things are going even better than before and now you have tools and many people release guide’s, cases studies, follow along projects and they guide you how to use tools and some other techniques to make money for which we are all here.I hope this trend will get even better in next months so see you inside!”