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Who Are IMSoldiers?

We are an elite Black Hat SEO Forum & Blog. We aim to provide the best blackhat SEO and Marketing methods that will help you succeed in your online activities. We also provide a wide range of in house and private tools to help you along the way.

IMSoldiers is not like a typical BlackHat Forum, and not like the other sites which are basically just file sharing sites. We have active members who engage with each other and make this community what it is.

Is IMSoldiers Right For Me?

Take a look around our blog, if you like what you are see then you will love the content inside our Forum, this is where the good stuff is kept as we cant share it to the public. We welcome all levels of experience and provide a friendly atmosphere to all members. We do have some requirement tho.

  • We won’t allow time waster and lazy people, we like people who work hard.
  • Lurkers are not welcome here and it’s time to leave now.
  • We are a Black Hat SEO forum, if you cant handle blackhat methods its time to leave.

We are not looking to become a huge paid forum, IMSoldiers is a family of active hard working members and as a family we all stick together, The Black Hat Marketing game is tough and so having people around you who are going to support and help you is essential.

Once you join IMSoldiers you become part of our family. I am a strong believer in “surround your self with positive people and you will succeed, surround your self with negative people and you will fail”.

IMSoldiers provide a member base unlike no other and thats why you will succeed with us.

Why Join IMSoldiers?

We are unlike any other forum and the reasons are very simple.

  • No ego’s – We treat everyone the same, were are not in the habit of boasting or out casting members.
  • Help – We offer what’s needed the most, which is help. We have a member of our team on the forum 24/7 who will be able to help in all situations, Lets not forgot our member base who are there to lend a helping hand as well.
  • Feel good factor – Wouldn’t it be great to be able to to visit a place that made you feel at home, knowing you are part of an online family who are all in it together and to not be judged. IMSoldiers offer such a place and we always welcome new members into our family.
  • Investment in your needs – Unlike 99% of other seo forums we are not here to make a profit or get rich of our members., Member fees are charged so that we can bring game changing in house tools that you ask for to help in your money making activities, developed and made by us.
  • We are a true forum – No doubt you have been on other black hat forums which I’m sure you will agree are basically just file sharing sites, Do you actually learn anything that you can put to action from these sites?. At IMSoldiers you WILL learn and learn….and learn some more. This is how our forum has been since its birth, attracting the more outspoken and active member base rather than the lurker, hidden type you are use to.

We does IMSoldiers Forum offer?

  • In House BlackHat SEO Software.
  • Premium BlackHat Software.
  • Case Studies.
  • Member Follow Along Projects.
  • Private BlackHat Marketing Tutorials.
  • Private BlackHat Marketing Guides.
  • Private Black Hat Marketing Methods.
  • Private & Premium Link Lists.
  • Access to sites and services such as AHrefs, MOZ, Keyword Canine, ZontSEO, Ispionage, Spyfu, The Best Spinner, Indexification and more.
  • Member Group Buys.
  • Discount Codes to all sorts of SEO related services and products.
  • Massive Dedicated GSA Search Engine Ranker Section.
  • Very experienced and knowledgeable member base.
  • + Ton of a whole lot more content.

IMSoldiers where also mentioned in the IonSearch 2013 SEO conference on “Eight SEO Tricks and Tactics



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IMSoldiers - A Premium Private Black Hat SEO Forum & Blog. The main focus of IMSoldiers is provide a safe and friendly community of members who share the same SEO and marketing passion who come together to speak and share new and interesting ideas. Author : Liam Chapman