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  5. mate sent you message. please check it :)

  6. Well it appears all your updates in the VIP Member is showing up in the Topics on the home page not sure if anyone can just click on it, it didn't ask for a password just figured it would be wise to give you a heads up.

    Keith C

  7. Bing PPC - $7

    STM3  $50.00  - they have no. 2 elsewhere but all links are down right now. This is the no fuss option if you choose to buy.

    I'm not making any money on this btw. You've done too much for me.


  8. any idea when the Moz checker will be fixed admin ?

  9. Wordai : 50% discount on First month, Coupon -  imsoldiers

    ARTICLE FORGE :  $100 Discount

  10. Inquiring about the extra tools. If they are still relevant I would like to subscribe. 

  11. Is the Private PB Course is still enabled? 

    1. Maroso


      If you wanted to know about the private PBN group then I'm sorry but there never was an course, it's more like PBN tools group. Tools for managing PBN's and no info related to building pbn's. I don't have time to teach members, but if you have any specific question I'll try to help out if I know the answer.

    2. Jumper


      Cool, no worries.

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